Where we Operate

G4S is a market leader and we provide a broad range of products and services across around 85 countries. This breadth provides us with a strong understanding and clear visibility of how security trends are evolving across the world.

Key customer sectors – mining, oil and gas, retail, energy, agriculture and financial services. G4S is the largest provider of integrated security solutions in the region, with operations in 24 African countries.

A trusted partner to mining companies in Africa

We have a deep understanding of the specific security challenges for the mining industry in Africa. These challenges include illegal mining, access to infrastructure (protecting people, expensive equipment and intellectual property), theft and labour disputes. We are a trusted partner of most of the mining companies operating in the region, with 288 contracts securing mines in 18 African
countries. A key element of our partnerships is helping mining companies take a more holistic approach to risk, investing in operating systems that are able to audit risks more effectively, offer predictive analytics and leverage a more digital approach where issues can be flagged in real-time. We provide services covering project management, risk consultancy, secure facilities management, physical security, intelligent systems and high quality security-trained personnel to ensure that all possible security and safety contingencies and requirements are addressed.


G4S North America Secure Solutions is the Group’s largest integrated security business. Key customer sectors – financial services, extractive, retail, government, embassies and manufacturing. In Latin America, G4S is a leading integrated Secure Solutions provider for commercial and government customers across 18 countries.

Securing telecommunications

Since 2011, G4S has been a trusted security provider for a major US privately held global conglomerate. We are the primary security provider for large parts of the customer and renewed a contract for one of its subsidiaries during 2019. The customer has operations spanning cable TV, broadcasting, publishing and automobile listing services. They serve about six million customers with TV, internet and phone services. By having a single point of contact, issues reach the correct teams within two hours rather than days or weeks. Technology such as SecureTrax and systems engineers are embedded within the contract to save time and money and false alarms have reduced by over 50%.

Asia Pacific

Key customer sectors – banking, retail, manufacturing, government and energy. G4S is the leading security provider in the Asia region with operations in 16 countries.

Using a risk-based approach to secure Singapore schools

During 2019, as part of the Singapore Government’s Industry Transformation Program to encourage the greater use of technology over manpower via ‘Outcome Based Contracting’, G4S won a new three-year contract to provide integrated security solutions involving technology and manpower to secure 62 schools in Singapore for the Ministry of Education. The successful Threat, Vulnerability
and Risk Assessment (TVRA) risk-based solution combines access control, visitor management systems, biometric time & attendance, patrol and response, incident reporting, CCTV remote monitoring at a G4S Security operations centre (SOC) and security officers.

Europe & Middle East

Key customer sectors – automotive, energy, financial services, aerospace, defence, chemicals, biotechnology, food, aviation and retail. G4S Europe Secure Solutions has activities in the UK & Ireland, Denmark, Benelux, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe. G4S Middle East Secure Solutions is the leading security provider in the Middle East, with operations in 11 countries.

Global car manufacturer chooses G4S to deliver enhanced security under new five year contract

A major new contract, put in place earlier this year, sees G4S securing major manufacturing sites across the UK for the next five years, including an enhanced emergency fire and medical response provision, as well as manned guarding, access control and reception services.
G4S has also been providing specialist consultancy work to optimise the current security arrangements and ensure production is not interrupted at the largest site of the multi-million pound contract.

our services

We have a diverse range of services to meet our customers requirements and have a broad geographic footprint to meet demand for security around the world.

Our five primary service lines are:

  • Secure Solutions
  • Care & Justice Services
  • Cash Solutions
  • Specialist Outsourced Services
  • Security Systems and Technology