Pay and Reward

We monitor our pay rates and benefits to ensure they are at least as favourable as market rates.
Care and Justice Staff

Incentivising and recognising success

Our aim is to recognise and reward employees’ contributions to the success of G4S. Every day thousands of our colleagues do a fantastic job, keeping our customers, their assets and the people in their care safe and secure, sometimes putting their own lives on the line to achieve it. Historically, businesses have used their own mechanisms for recognising exceptional contributions in line with local practices.

For all employees we provide fair and competitive pay and benefits, and are always looking at ways to enhance packages in areas which can make a meaningful difference. We regularly benchmark our pay rates to ensure they remain market competitive and offer flexibility in working patterns where we can to enable employees to meet the conflicting demands they face.

Our People

533,000 people work for G4S making it one of the world's largest private employers. 
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our employees

Our employees and services touch the lives of others every day, providing crucial services to keep them safe and secure.
Airport staff