Employee Retention

Attracting and retaining the best people continues to give G4S a competitive advantage as well as ensuring we deliver the best results for our customers.
G4S Employee at airport

Employee Retention

For the third successive year we have achieved a reduction in our labour turnover rate (2019: 23.7%) as a result of our continued focus in this area, high levels of employee engagement and our continued commitment to employee development and competitive pay. Nevertheless, we are still recruiting around 200,000 employees each year, which is a significant task.

We use a number of mechanisms to reach the widest talent pools and generate interest about our people, our products and services. In 2019, our social media campaign ExploreG4S commenced, offering weekly insights on over 20 countries where we operate, with employees sharing their stories about the amazing work that they do to help attract others to follow in their footsteps. The campaign will continue into 2020.

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As a responsible organisation, G4S helps to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals through a number of projects worldwide. Nigel Lockwood, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility & Government Affairs, explains how G4S is supporting the advancement of sustainable development.