Employee engagement

Our performance is underpinned by our people and values. In order to deliver on our goals in such a people-based business, we need highly motivated and engaged employees who believe in the company and do their best to provide our customers with great service every day.
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Creating an Inclusive and engaging workplace

Evidence from our global employee engagement survey, which we believe is one of, if not the largest of its kind, indicates that our employees are highly engaged. This is good for our business, good for our customers and good for our brand. More importantly, it is good for employees. Being motivated, feeling a sense of belonging and pride in what you do at work is important for people’s happiness and long-term wellbeing. Feedback from the survey and our improving retention rates suggest our colleagues want to stay working for G4S and continue to care passionately about the work that they do.


2019 - Engagement Survey

In 2019, over 84% (c.450,000) of our employees responded to our voluntary global survey, based on the average number of employees during the survey period. With 84% of them doing so favourably. The increase in response rate from 2017 (73%) was positive given the logistical challenges of reaching employees working remotely with no access to a mobile phone and limited internet connectivity. Managers across the business worked hard to ensure that all colleagues had the chance to participate and have their voice heard and our employees responded by taking the time and making the effort to share their views. Over 200,000 colleagues added suggestions, ideas and feedback as additional commentary on what they think and feel about working for G4S.

Not only did the results indicate high levels of employee engagement, they also indicated an overall increase in the favourable responses to questions on health and safety, which was reassuring given the priority placed on this by all our businesses. Combining these results with those from other survey questions on fairness and being listened to, will help guide our plans on employee wellbeing which is another area of focus for the next year.

Utilising the global survey, and a smaller management survey also conducted in 2019, we were able to identify areas for development across the organisation, enabling us to address concerns raised by employees. The Group Executive Committee and individual business leaders are committed to responding to the results and have taken responsibility for action to address the areas where the feedback indicates there is room to improve.

employee engagement

Our 2019 employee survey showed levels of engagement remain high, with 84% of employees providing a favourable response.

Our next employee engagement survey

We look forward to reporting on the results from our next global survey in 2020.
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Employee Turnover

Overall employee retention continues to improve with voluntary employee turnover reducing to 29.7% in 2019.
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our communities

In 2019 the company made grants of over £173,000 from the Employee Trust Fund in cases where employees had experienced hardship following a serious injury, illness or natural disaster.
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