Business ethics and anti-bribery and corruption

Living our values starts at the top of the organisation and extends to everything we do, whether it is securing a high profile sporting event being watched by millions of people around the world or keeping an individual who is vulnerable and existing on the margins of our society safe and well cared for.

We have a responsibility to all our customers, to the communities we serve and to the people we employ to follow our values and the standards we set for ourselves. Our Business Ethics Policy is central to this. The policy makes explicit reference to our commitments to the ILO Declaration and human rights as well as to our zero tolerance for any form of bribery and corruption. It is underpinned by anti-bribery and corruption training and issued with links to more detailed guidance on related matters such as commercial sponsorship, gifts and entertainment.

We publish the policy externally for transparency and distribute it widely internally, requiring all managers to commit to the ethical standards expressed within it and to ensure the wider application in their G4S businesses or departments. Both the policy and our anti- bribery training are due for review and refresh in 2020, ensuring that they remain consistent with the emerging risks and reinforce the culture and behaviours we expect.

G4S Ethics code

The Group Ethics Steering Committee has continued to oversee implementation of our whistleblowing policy and conducts regular reviews of serious cases, investigation progress and resulting actions.

anti-bribery and corruption

We will continue to develop and encourage a workplace culture in which all employees will feel confident that they may raise any ethical concerns.
Anti-bribery and corruption

Corporate Governance

In keeping with our global reputation, we are committed to achieving the highest standards of corporate governance, integrity and business ethics across all our operations, right around the world.

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See also our Business Ethics Policy and our global whistleblowing system Speak Out