Our CSR Policies

Our size and scale mean that we touch the lives of millions of people across the world and our goal is to ensure that we make a positive impact on the communities in which we work.

We see integrity and strong business ethics as a core part of the G4S strategy and fundamental to the way we operate. 

The following policies aim to support this core value. 

Our business ethics policy

We have a group-wide business ethics policy which clearly defines what we consider to be acceptable and unacceptable business practices. We demand compliance with this policy from all managers and employees across the group.

Business Ethics Policy - Arabic (PDF 421.4 KB)
Business Ethics Policy - Dutch (PDF 178.8 KB)
Business Ethics Policy - English (PDF 347.3 KB)
Business Ethics Policy - French (PDF 188 KB)
Business Ethics Policy - Hindi (PDF 529.5 KB)
Business Ethics Policy - Portuguese (PDF 183 KB)
Business Ethics Policy - Spanish (PDF 175.7 KB)

Our whistleblowing policy

We have a group-wide whistleblowing policy, which helps to maintain high standards of ethics and integrity by ensuring that employees are able to raise any concerns they may have about the business or the activities of individuals.

Whistleblowing Policy - English (PDF 193.3 KB)
Whistleblowing Policy - Arabic (PDF 301.7 KB)
Whistleblowing Policy - Dutch (PDF 137.6 KB)
Whistleblowing Policy - French (PDF 194.8 KB)
Whistleblowing Policy - Hindi (PDF 353.6 KB)
Whistleblowing Policy - Portuguese (PDF 189.5 KB)
Whistleblowing Policy - Spanish (PDF 132.5 KB)

The group whistleblowing arrangements provide a valuable opportunity for employees to raise concerns, anonymously if they wish.

Whistleblowing Hotline Reference - English
Whistleblowing Hotline Reference - Arabic
Whistleblowing Hotline Reference - Dutch
Whistleblowing Hotline Reference - French
Whistleblowing Hotline Reference - Hindi
Whistleblowing Hotline Reference - Portuguese
Whistleblowing Hotline Reference - Spanish