How G4S
ambassadors bring together customer experience and security

Regents House in central London may look like an ordinary sleek office, but it is actually the location of an award-winning innovative security solution: the G4S Ambassador. 

In 2018, the new security model won the annual Outstanding Security Performance Awards - Outstanding Customer Service Initiative award for blending technology, manned solutions and front line customer service to enhance the customer experience.

“G4S is incredibly proud of our team working with RBS to deliver a truly innovative solution that has helped change the future of manned solutions and front line customer service,” said Alan Thresher, Strategic Account Director, G4S Secure Solutions. “Ambassadors meet, greet and assist customers, all while ensuring a safe and secure environment. It makes security part of the experience, rather than additional to it. It is a seamless and personal approach to security.”

The Ambassador programme was first launched in 2015 at RBS Gogarburn, Scotland, in response to the bank’s growing need for a flexible approach to security. By taking on a range of customer facing tasks, including site access control, facilities management and basic visitor information, the Ambassadors enhance the customer journey without compromising site security.

“The Ambassador solution was developed in collaboration with RBS. We listened to their needs and created an innovative and forward-thinking security solution which enhances the customer’s experience while allowing the Ambassadors to keep a close watch on security risks,” said Alan Thresher. 

The success of the project in Gogarburn has led to other RBS branches wanting to implement this dynamic approach to security, but it is not as simple as “copy and paste”; the Ambassador programme is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each location.

Ambassadors meet, greet and assist customers, all while ensuring a safe and secure environment. It makes security part of the experience, rather than additional to it.
Alan Thresher, Strategic Account Director, G4S Secure Solutions
At Regents House, the introduction of G4S Ambassadors has changed the look and feel of the visitor experience for the three businesses in the building - RBS, Natwest Entrepreneurial Sparks and Rocketspace. 

They manage visitor access and provide a visible but approachable G4S customer presence. Ambassadors welcome external guests and help to sign them into the building, assist employees with requests such as passing along building maintenance queries, and provide front-of-house security. 

Bright Asare, a G4S Ambassador at Regent’s House, said: 
“What I like most about the job is the combined experience of security and receptionist together, I think it is a win-win situation.

“It is like a one-stop solution for our customers who come here, then they leave more satisfied - and that is what we are here to do, to make sure they have a very good customer experience when they visit us.”

As part of G4S’s commitment to deliver customer service excellence, new technology innovations will be rolled out later this year. Trials are underway to deploy Private Mobile Radio (PMR) which provide enhanced location data compared to the traditional radio system, and a single, unified visitor management system. This will standardise and automate the customer journey across branches, enabling the bank to provide the customer with a more personalized and seamless experience.
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