IR Policy

The G4S plc financial year end is 31 December 

  • In line with the UKLA’s Listing Rules, preliminary results, covering each financial year, will be published within three months of the year end
  • In line with the EU’s Transparency Directive, interim results, covering the first six months of the year, will be published within three months of the end of the period and will remain publicly available on the G4S website for ten years thereafter
  • Financial aspects of the business will not be discussed during the company’s closed periods and investor meetings/calls of any kind will be discouraged
  • The company will not comment on market speculation
  • The company will comply with UKLA/London Stock Exchange and Copenhagen OMX Stock Exchange disclosure requirements
  • All regulatory announcements will appear on the G4S website simultaneously
  • The company’s annual report will be completed within four months of the financial year end and it will demonstrate best practice
  • Annual reports will appear on the G4S website once available to shareholders and will remain publicly available for ten years thereafter
  • Investors / Analysts can discuss business issues with the following individuals:

           - Chief Executive Officer
           - Chief Financial Officer
           - Company Secretary
           - Group Corporate Affairs Director
           - Group Financial Controller 
           - Director of Investor Relations
           - Divisional & Regional Management (with prior notice)
  • The Chief Executive Officer will aim to attend all meetings with the top 20 shareholders
  • All investor/analyst contact will be recorded and added to the company’s investor database
  • All media enquiries will be passed to the company press office in the first instance
  • The company will not make derogatory comments on competitors
  • Where possible, the company will try to accommodate all analyst requirements to meet with clients
  • Share price data will always be available via the company website
  • The company will ensure that all investors have access to the same level of information
  • The company will obtain independent feedback on investor issues and concerns
  • In line with Companies Act regulations, an Annual General Meeting will be held every year –  shareholders will receive at least 21 clear days’ notice for this meeting