Audit Committee

Audit Committee’s work focuses on enhancing the Group’s control environment, the quality of our group financial reporting and the effectiveness of the external and internal audit processes.

'In 2019, the committee continued to oversee the quality and integrity of the Group’s financial reporting, financial control and compliance processes, as well as the implementation of IFRS 16 and related disclosures.'

John Ramsay, Audit Committee Chairman

roles and responsibilities

The committee ensures that there is effective governance of the Group’s financial reporting and internal controls to ensure the integrity of its financial statements and the adequacy of related disclosures, and assists the board in relation to its consideration of whether or not the annual report of the Group is fair, balanced and understandable.

The committee also has oversight of the performance of both the internal audit function and the external auditor and, in light of the new Code, has reviewed the external auditor’s objectivity as well as its independence.