Corporate Governance

The board oversees the Group’s governance framework, reviews and approves the strategy, monitors management’s performance against agreed targets and ensures appropriate controls are in place and operating effectively. The board ensures leadership through effective oversight and review. Executive decisions, and development and implementation of strategy are delegated to management.

Board Committees

The board fulfils a number of its responsibilities directly and others through its committees. Get to know our group board

Nomination Committee

Reviews board composition, leads the process for new board and committee appointments and reviews board succession. READ MORE

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Reviews and approves the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, monitors compliance with CSR policies throughout G4S. READ MORE

Risk Committee

Advises the Audit Committee and the board on the Group’s overall risk appetite and tolerance, oversees G4S’s risk management framework and reviews its effectiveness and also reviews major projects. READ MORE

Audit Committee

Oversees the financial reporting process and ensures the integrity of G4S’s financial statements, monitors internal audit, approves external audit scope and fee, reviews and monitors external auditor’s independence. READ MORE

Remuneration Committee

Approves remuneration of chairman, executive directors and other executive committee and company secretary members. It monitors level and structure of remuneration of senior management of the Group and reviews policies on workforce remuneration and ensures they align with G4S's culture. READ MORE

bOARD balance AND diversity

G4S workforce reflects the wide range of countries, cultures and environments in which the company operates. G4S has long recognised that diversity can enhance decision making and performance and therefore it actively promotes diversity within the organisation.