Analyst Coverage and Consensus

G4S is followed by a number of analysts, a list of which is provided here. 
Cash Solutions UAE

G4S is followed by the analysts listed below. The list includes analysts currently known by G4S to follow the Company, but may not be complete and may change as firms add or delete coverage.

As at 15 September 2020, the average FY 2020 consensus estimates based on 11 analysts who have published/updated since  H1 2020 is as follows:

    FY 2020 
Revenue    £6.9bn
PBITA     £382m
EPS    12.6p

Broker Analyst Email Phone
 Bank of America Merrill Lynch  David Roux  +44 207 996 9236
 Credit Suisse  Andy Grobler  +44 20 7883 5943
 Deutsche Bank  Steven Goulden  +44 207 541 8224 
 Exane BNP Paribas    Allen Wells  +44 20 3430 8685
 HSBC  Matthew Lloyd  +44 207 991 6799
 HSBC  Rajesh Kumar  +44 207 991 1629
 Jefferies International Ltd     Kean Marden  +44 20 7029 8038
 Kepler Cheuvreux  Johan Eliason  +46 8 723 51 77 
 Morgan Stanley  Edward Stanley  +44 20 7425 0840
 Panmure Gordon  Robert Plant  +44 207 886 2784
 RBC Capital Markets  Andy Brooke  +44 20 7002 2262
 Redburn  Neil Tyler  +44 20 7000 2133
 UBS  Rory McKenzie  +44 20 7568 1977


The forecasts in the table above (the “Forecasts”) have been provided to G4S plc (“G4S”) by the investment analysts listed above (the “Analysts”) for reproduction on G4S’s website and are, as such, publicly available. The information is provided by G4S for information purposes only and is not intended for trading purposes. G4S has not commented on any individual Forecasts, nor does it intend to do so in the future. 

G4S is currently in an offer period under the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers (the “Code”) as a result of Garda World Security Corporation's possible offer for G4S. As required by Rule 28.7 of the Code, forecasts produced by analysts at Citigroup Global Markets Limited and J.P. Morgan Cazenove on 17 July 2020 and 23 July 2020, respectively, have been excluded from the Forecasts in the table above because these organisations are connected advisers to G4S.

The Forecasts are the sole responsibility of the Analysts concerned. The Forecasts are not endorsed by G4S and they have not been reviewed or reported on in accordance with the requirements of Rule 28.1(a) of the Code. G4S accepts no liability in respect of the information shown in the Forecasts.

The consensus forecasts presented in the table above are an arithmetic mean average of the most recent forecasts that have been gathered from the Analysts, where such data was publicly available.

As such, the figures do not give greater weight to more recent forecasts or to the forecasts of any individual Analyst, nor are they adjusted to exclude forecasts that pre-date a significant announcement or event, and therefore may not represent the market consensus.

G4S makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy of the Forecasts, the reasonableness of any assumptions or projections or the likelihood of achieving the figures set out in the Forecasts.

G4S shall not be liable for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in the content of the information in the Forecasts, or for any action taken in reliance thereon. It should be noted that forecasts are by definition forward looking and are therefore subject to risks and uncertainties that may materially affect eventual results.

G4S is not authorised by the FCA and cannot offer investment advice. This information should not be relied upon in any investment decision.

None of G4S, its subsidiary undertakings or any director, officer or employee of G4S or its subsidiary undertakings gives any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to, or accepts any responsibility for, the accuracy or completeness of the Forecasts and none of them shall accept any liability whatsoever for the consequences of any reliance upon or actions taken based on any of the information in the Forecasts.