Company History

Our History

Our history begins over 100 years ago.

1901: G4S traces its roots to Denmark

1988: The Wakenhut Corporation, founded in 1954 and now part of G4S, launched their elite security officer program in the U.S. known as the Custom Protection Officer

1990: G4S entered the U.S. market by acquiring American Magnetics, now known as AMAG Technology

2002: G4S acquired The Wackenhut Corporation, which was the 2nd largest security business in the U.S.

2008: G4S acquired two companies: Touchcom, which became part of AMAG, and MJM Investigations, now known as G4S Compliance & Investigations

2009: Adesta was acquired and rebranded to G4S Technology in 2011, then to G4S Secure Integration in 2015; during this year, the U.S. monitoring center was launched, which is one of 30+ globally

2010: G4S acquired Nuclear Security Services Company (NSSC) to enhance our offers to energy and utility customers

2014: Corporate Risk Services Division was established in North America to serve customers through risk consulting, corporate investigations, intelligence programs and executive protection

2015: AMAG expanded its Symmetry™ Portfolio under a unified strategy, laying the groundwork for an open architecture

2016: G4S launched its Integrated Security Solutions strategy, aligning corporate risk services, technology, integration and security personnel

2018: G4S launched a risk-based model and tool for customers to better understand and quantify their risks

2019: Launch of the Integrated Security Solutions Center of Excellence and Risk Operations Center in Jupiter, FL

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