Remote Video Monitoring

Remote technology solutions from G4S

If you need to secure an abandoned site or empty lots, consider a technology solution that could include remotely monitored video cameras. G4S can permanently or temporarily install security systems that are monitored through our centers by trained operators in real time.


G4S OnSight is a remote video monitoring solution that targets key areas while creating a virtual security perimeter. G4S OnSight can be deployed quickly as a pole mounted unit or trailer unit making it suitable for both permanent and temporary deployments. 

Interactive EVENT MOnitoring

Interactive Event Monitoring allows personnel in the G4S Risk Operations Center (ROC) to remotely respond in real-time to alerts and alarms that are received through video, access control or other networked security systems turning your video management system from a reactive to a proactive security measure.

Video Verification

Video Verification reduces the need for high-bandwidth internet connections and often more costly streaming camera installations, while still providing speedy review and response to events. Monitored by the ROC, an operator can verify the nature of an alarm and take the appropriate actions as defined by a customer agreement.

Virtual Chaperone

Using remotely monitored cameras and two-way audio, G4S Risk Operations Center (ROC) staff can help to ensure the safety of employees and visitors by watching them as they enter or exit a facility. The walking path may be checked prior to exiting to check for visible security risks, and then the employee or visitor is remotely monitored until they reach the end of their exit path.

Virtual Concierge and visitor management

Virtual Concierge is a remote video monitoring service from the G4S Risk Operations Center designed to remotely verify the identity and admit authorized people through doors, gates or other entry portal. Use of cameras and two-way audio allows our operators to perform many of the functions that typically require a doorman or guard standing post.

Virtual tour / Patrol

Our virtual tour and patrol can augment trained onsite security staff or relieve personnel on low-traffic shifts, while continuing to provide the assurance of visual inspections of critical facilities. Like any onsite security personnel would do, G4S Risk Operations Center (ROC) operators can remotely patrol a customer facility by viewing cameras in a sequence (tour).

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