G4S has proudly stood side-by-side with its clients as a Trusted Advisor for decades. Today is no different. 

We can help you navigate through the changes that will come as your local government and health authorities optimize their approach and provide updated guidelines.

Each of the following solutions have been designed to work in conjunction with one another and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Overview Brochure

Temperature Solutions

Our security personnel are trained in verbal screening and in the use of temperature measurement devices. We will help develop a fully documented screening process. We offer thermal screening technology to help identify temperatures outside of designated parameters, which may indicate the presence of a fever, a symptom of COVID-19.

PPE Detection Solutions

G4S helps provide discrete, effective measures for calculating the number of people wearing masks in your facility. G4S provides staff to help manage PPE compliance. We help you design a solution that ensures employees and visitors in your facilities comply with your requirements for PPE. We design, engineer and install intelligent video systems that identify the proper use of face coverings.

Physical Distancing Solutions

Organizations that document their physical distancing procedures and provide data to support their efforts are better protected against potential liability claims. Less visible tactics, such as intelligent video systems, detect physical distancing hotspots and help with workspace design controls.

Contact Tracing

Our security personnel can help manage the contact tracing and notification process. We can advise you on the appropriate steps to ensure you are in compliance with the most recent health guidance, as well as which technologies are best suited to assist with contact tracing in your business.

Occupancy & Throughput Solutions

Health authorities recommend limiting the number of people inside buildings. G4S will manage the congestion that can occur to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. We can advise on the policies and procedures to comply with the latest health guidance. G4S offers technology tools to help understand who is in your building, how long they have been inside and where they’ve gone.

Workspace Control Solutions

G4S will perform a hazard risk assessment of your business. G4S offers sensor technology that can track office usage to determine movement patterns and heavy-traffic areas. These same sensors can be used to monitor, track and determine which areas are most in need of deep cleaning. G4S offers access control systems that leverage touchless technology.

Remote Worker Solutions

When considering the physical aspects of remote work, it is important to help safeguard your employees and to protect your company’s proprietary information. You may need to quickly communicate with employees whether they are in your facility or off-site. G4S offers location tracking tools and an AI-augmented intel-gathering tool that alerts you immediately when incidents occur.

Business Resiliency Solutions

G4S offers an experienced team of security risk advisor professionals who help you update your risk assessment, emergency response, business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management plans. G4S leverages industry-leading tools such as GSOC services and incident management systems for planning, reporting and managing incidents as they arise.