Statement on USA Today Article

USA Today is wrong in suggesting that G4S does not hold itself to its own high standards. The information published is full of errors and references outdated information. The story is not reflective of our company today. The article begins with an incident from 10 years ago and irresponsibly attempts to use stories throughout to suggest they are representative of the overall company. The anecdotes include a number of incidents at businesses that no longer are owned by G4S.

The actions of a few former employees cited by USA Today are not representative of the hard-working men and women of G4S. We are proud of our employees, nearly a quarter of whom are U.S. military veterans. G4S employees are brave men and women who devote their lives to protecting customers, the public and the nation’s infrastructure. On a daily basis G4S officers save lives, prevent robberies, save individuals from harm, protect customer assets and place themselves at risk to protect customers and the public.

On Business Strategy And Low Bidding Allegations:

Since 2013, G4S has focused on designing integrated security solutions for its customers through a risk-based approach. As part of the strategy, the group began a program of divesting of non-core businesses that did not meet the group’s strategic objectives. Two businesses in the U.S. did not fit with this model – a government solutions business, which was sold in 2014, and a juvenile detention center business, which was sold in 2017.

G4S’ business strategy in the U.S. is based upon a clear understanding of customers' needs that begins with a professional analysis of customer risks and their physical security program, including staffing, technology, systems and costs. This enables G4S to provide integrated security solutions that deliver security resources in a way that is consistent with G4S standards and with our customers’ desired balance of risk and cost. G4S continues to advocate for well-compensated security professionals who are supported by the latest technology. Given the quality of G4S's industry leading solutions, the company does not “low-bid” to win contracts. We continue to grow our customer base, and are proud of our 95% customer retention rate.

On Alleged Employee Issues:

With 48,000 employees in the U.S. and a half-million employees worldwide, G4S has been successful by employing, training and equipping the best employees. Our screening process is rigorous with only 6% of applicants for armed officer positions in the USA meeting our stringent selection criteria, which includes criminal background checks, psychological screening and prior experience qualifications. 

Like all large employers, there may occasionally be a very small number of employees who do not act in accordance with our procedures and policies. When that happens, we conduct an investigation and take appropriate action, which could include education, discipline or termination of employment. We regularly examine our practices and procedures to review areas for improvement. 

Continuous Improvement:

G4S investigates all allegations of wrongdoing through the lens of its Compliance Program that focuses on continuous improvement through the use of technology, training and education. All employees and supervisors receive comprehensive education and training to comply with federal and state employment laws and our own internal policies regarding ethics and standards of conduct. G4S places significant emphasis on dignity and respect and has created a specific training program around these values. This year, G4S shared the success of our Dignity & Respect program through presentations at the annual meetings of the largest security industry groups, NASCO and CALSAGA. 

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