G4S Publishes Latin America Emerging Travel Risks 2019 Report

Report leverages analysis from recently launched Risk Operations Center (ROC)

G4S, the world’s leading global security company, today published its Latin America Emerging Travel Risks 2019 report. The report provides an analysis of major emerging trends impacting the region’s top business and travel destinations. This information enables organizations to deploy risk-mitigation strategies to protect their employees and assets.

Using open and proprietary sources, the intelligence analyst team produced the report from G4S’ recently launched Risk Operations Center (ROC), delivering regional and country specific insights into geopolitical climate and security considerations. The report includes overviews of:

  • The political and humanitarian crises in Venezuela
  • Friction between Colombia’s government and paramilitary groups
  • Ecuador’s political crisis, personal data breaches and growing surveillance trends
  • Peru’s corruption scandals and illicit drug production
  • Ongoing unrest with Chile’s indigenous population
  • Criminal activity in Brazil and environmental crisis in the Amazon rainforest 
  • Argentina’s political and economic challenges
  • Mexico’s high homicide rates, cartel activity and fuel-theft trend
  • Socio-economic trends in Central America and the Caribbean, including refugee transit, corruption, social unrest, drug trafficking and illegal weapons trade. 
With increasing economic and geopolitical instability in Latin America and the Caribbean, we have seen a rise in requests from concerned clients who frequently travel to or have operations in the region.
Jason David, INtelligence & Risk Operations Centre for G4S

“We are committed to delivering actionable insights about the security and overall risk spectrum to help clients navigate difficult environments.” 

The Latin America Emerging Travel Risks 2019 report is the first in a periodic series produced by the G4S Corporate Risk Services analyst team. Download the report: Latin America Emerging Travel Risks 2019 

In addition, G4S has resources available throughout the Latin America region where 70,000 employees in 20 countries provide electronic and security personnel services that support corporate risk operations and local customer needs. 

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