G4S launches its first door reader for smartphones

G4S has released a range of door entry readers that can open doors using a smartphone app, downloadable for free.

G4S-owned AMAG Technology, leading the way in mobile technology, has launched a range of door entry readers that can unlock a secure door with the tap of a mobile phone app.

The reader range — called Symmetry Blue — was developed by G4S to work across its Symmetry access range, reflecting the company’s expectation that the security market will move towards mobile access control. The readers can be used with a smartphone app or traditional access card, helping customers to transition to the new mobile technology. This also allows card access to remain where mobile access cannot be used.

AMAG Technology president Kurt Takahashi said: “The opportunity to use your smartphone to access secure areas creates significant advantages in both streamlining business services and saving money. AMAG is at the forefront of the technology shift towards mobile. This helps our customers who are increasingly supporting their employees who want to bring their own devices to work. With this mobile app, users will no longer need to carry an extra card to get into work.”

As consumers are less likely to lose their smartphone than they are a key card, the Symmetry Blue app has a potential added layer of security. If the phone is lost, access can be easily disabled. The system is also very flexible, with the ability to grant access to visitors for a set duration and doesn’t require visitors to hand in a pass.

Symmetry security management solutions are used across multiple industries at sites globally. Symmetry secures government buildings and is approved for federal government use. It also keeps university campuses safe, secures transport, banking and other commercial premises. Potential applications for Symmetry Blue include critical infrastructure sites, power stations, commercial high rises, data warehouses, large-scale construction sites, military and naval bases, universities and hospitals.

The Symmetry Blue reader range combines Bluetooth Low Energy with conventional card reading capabilities for integrated access control.

In place of a plastic entry card, the user can use their Android or iOS Smart Phone to download the free of charge app and enrol directly into the Symmetry access control system. Enrolment is straightforward and does not require a license, a separate portal or a third party subscription, offering an affordable, easy to install access control solution. After the user downloads the app, they can open a door or entry point by holding their mobile device near the reader.

The readers work across the whole Symmetry product range, are compatible with all Symmetry controllers and can be used for indoor or outdoor installations.