Symmetry GUEST

AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ GUEST Visitor Management New Capabilities Improve Visitor Experience

AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™  GUEST visitor management system, the web-based software platform that improves and streamlines the visitor experience while enforcing security policies, now includes several new enhancements to help companies meet compliance, save money and create an exceptional visitor experience.  Symmetry GUEST operates on most tablets, smart phones or PCs as well as most web browsers allowing for easy pre-registration of visitors.  GUEST provides a unique ability for roving lobby ambassadors or self-service kiosks to check-in visitors, contractors or visiting employees, speeding the flow of visitors through a lobby. The enterprise level solution fits any size organization.

Symmetry GUEST fully integrates with Symmetry Access Control software, which allows companies to assign temporary access to visitors or employees that have forgotten their badge that coincides with the visit length and status of the visit.  Symmetry GUEST will automatically create barcode credentials and assign them to each visitor on the fly, as well as allows companies to assign their chosen credentials.  Companies can create default access levels based on visitor type and/or per building, simplifying employee involvement while increasing security.  For VIPs and visitor’s needing access to sensitive areas, employees can duplicate their own access levels within the Symmetry access control system and provide their same level of access to their visitor.  Symmetry GUEST creates a barcode on any chosen badge stock for the visitor to use throughout their stay. 

The integration with Symmetry also lets GUEST administrators create reports on events, transactions and visitor status records.  Sophisticated reporting capabilities allow companies to meet the strict audit and compliance requirements demanded by regulated industries.   

Identity management data in GUEST allows for reception to easily confirm valid employees who have forgotten their badge and require temporary access for the day.

Symmetry GUEST now integrates with E-Seek driver’s license scanners to scan a visitor’s driver’s license.  Scanning prompts Symmetry GUEST to automatically find pre-registered visitors and begins the check-in process automatically.  If a visitor cannot be found, GUEST will utilize the visitor’s information collected from the scanned credential and automatically create a new visit in the system to begin the check in process.

Symmetry GUEST easily integrates with Symmetry™ CONNECT and Symmetry™ Access Control System to deliver a complete security solution.

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