Farpointe Data Certifies Readers

Symmetry Preferred Partner, Farpointe Data Certifies Long-Range Readers and Transmitters with Symmetry Access Control System

AMAG Technology, an integrated security provider of access control, video management and identity management solutions, is proud to announce that Farpointe Data is a certified member of AMAG’s Symmetry™ Preferred Partner Program.  As a certified partner, Farpointe Data’s Ranger® Long-Range Readers and Transmitters integrate with AMAG’s Symmetry Access Control System.   AMAG Technology and Farpointe Data cooperatively tested and certified this integration. 

Farpointe Data’s Ranger® long-range readers and transmitters allow doors, gates or barriers to open or close up to 200 feet (61 meters) from the high frequency credentials.  The readers operate with the Symmetry Access Control software and all three controller product lines: Symmetry M2150, Symmetry SR Controller or Symmetry EN door controller and do not require additional software or licenses. 

“We welcome Farpointe to our Symmetry Preferred Partner Program and look forward to a long relationship and many satisfied customers,” said AMAG Technology, Vice President of Product Marketing, Dave Ella.  “The addition of the Farpointe Data long-range reader and transmitters allows AMAG to offer our customers an access control solution for applications where a door or barrier needs to be opened from a long distance, such as for vehicle access applications.”

“Ranger receivers are a terrific solution for long range physical access control applications such as entering buildings, lifting gates and vehicle barriers, moving aircraft in and out of secure hangars, arming and disarming alarm systems as well as situations calling for emergency duress,” emphasizes Scott Lindley, Farpointe Data president. “Instead of using a long range card, which could activate more than one device or door at a time, the transmitter holder selects exactly the mechanism to be immediately triggered.”

Farpointe Data, a leader in the design and manufacture of radio frequency identification (RFID) access control products, is now a DORMA Group Company. DORMA is a leading global manufacturer of premium access solutions and services that enable better buildings. Farpointe’s products include the 125-kHz Pyramid Series Proximity® line of proximity readers and credentials, the 13.56-MHz Delta® contactless smartcard readers and credentials, and the 433-MHz Ranger® line of long-range receivers and transmitters. Farpointe’s exacting RFID designs, superior manufacturing, competitive pricing, and excellent performance have earned the trust of the company’s partners—access control system manufacturers around the world—making Farpointe Data an industry-leading provider of readers and credentials.

For more information about Farpointe Data, visit www.farpointedata.com.  For information about the Symmetry Security Management System integration with Ranger Long-Range Receivers and Transmitters from Farpointe Data, contact your Regional Sales Manager, call 310.518.2380 or visit www.amag.com.  For inquiries about the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program, contact solutions@amag.com.