G4S to Release Major Redesign of RISK360®

G4S is proud to announce the Oct. 1 release of Version 7 of RISK360®, its award-winning incident and case management application that efficiently collects incident and case data and transforms that data into actionable insights to save customers time and money.

RISK360 Version 7 provides an extremely user-friendly interface, custom landing pages and dashboards that are designed for a customer’s needs. RISK360 Version 7 boasts custom role-based landing pages with 13, real-time drill-down dashboards that provide quick and easy access to data, tasks and relevant information that empower security teams to report, track and resolve cases while simultaneously arming a business with critical data and predictive analysis.

In designing Version 7, G4S leveraged its security industry expertise using the latest development, database and cloud technologies. This process ensured product compatibility across all modern interfaces and to have the modern behaviors expected by users. By employing this modern technology stack and moving to a cloud-based solution, the servers, availability, speeds and database can grow with our customer base endlessly.

The architecture supports the flexibility of custom software to meet the nuanced and unique needs of customers. A truly global product, RISK360 Version 7 will be available in English, French Canadian and Spanish with additional languages added as needed.

The key features of RISK360 Version 7 consist of the following three main modules:

  • Event Management: This improved module provides better access to supporting documentation, and offers customizable prompts that help you ask the right questions. Reports, photos, videos and more are centralized for each event, ensuring constant accessibility to critical information and providing a clear audit trail with supplemental documentation for all event-related activity.
  • Security Management: This upgraded module provides enhanced information capture for guard tours with custom workflow, daily activity reports and pass-down logs. Understand exactly how every event unfolds by prompting users through custom questions, sending instant notifications to designated people, leveraging computer-aided dispatch to identify the closest available responders and more. Then, use captured insights to make informed, data-driven business decisions.
  • Site Management: A new module in Version 7, RISK360’s user-friendly Site Management interface automates previously manual processes. New workflows integrate seamlessly with existing systems (with minimal training), and assessments allow you to capture site-specific information, perform assessments and inform global risk and asset protection teams of risk exposures, all from the same platform.

Visit G4S.us for more information about RISK360®.