AMAG Technology Announces Symmetry™ GUEST Visitor Management

New cloud-based visitor management system improves visitor experience, enhances security and recedes costs

AMAG Technology is pleased to announce the release of Symmetry™ GUEST, a new web-based visitor management system that speeds the flow of visitors while improving customer service.  Symmetry GUEST enhances a visitor’s experience while helping organizations enforce security policies and reduce costs.

Symmetry GUEST operates on any tablet, smart phone or PC using any web browser.  The mobility of GUEST is ideal for roving lobby ambassadors or self-service touch-screens to check-in visitors, contractors or visiting employees. The system issues a visitor pass electronically to the visitor’s smart phone via a QR code or barcode, similar to an airline boarding pass.  This allows visitors to be identified quickly by the system or directly from their phone.  If utilizing GUEST self registration, visitors can check-in and print their visitor pass automatically, allowing the receptionist to focus on greeting the guest rather than soliciting paperwork.

“Symmetry GUEST offers a highly secure, yet easy to use solution to vet and manage visitors for any size organization,” said AMAG Technology, Vice President of Client Services, Jeff LeBlanc.  “Symmetry GUEST enhances the visitor experience, improves lobby traffic flow while enforcing security policies.”

Employees can pre-register visitors using Symmetry GUEST or by taking advantage of the Outlook or Gmail calendar integration.  When pre-registering, an email can be sent to the visitor which contains a map or directions, or any building-specific instructions.  When the visitor arrives, they check-in via the receptionist, touch screen monitor, tablet or using their smart phone.

Symmetry GUEST allows organizations to require visitors to sign and/or acknowledge the organization’s security policies and procedures. Organizations can administer watch lists that notify responsible parties when banned visitors are preregistered, as well as when checked-in.

Organizations that utilize Symmetry GUEST can diminish costs by reducing lobby headcount, abolishing visitor related paperwork, and eliminating manual badge creation.  Symmetry GUEST also helps companies meet audit and compliance requirements via robust reporting.  It’s an enterprise level solution that fits any size organization.

Symmetry GUEST’s cloud based architecture makes it easy to purchase and set up.  Almost every aspect of the software can be configured by the end user, and it integrates with most standard visitor management hardware (badge printers, webcams).  Dashboards showing current, future and favorite visitors further enhance the end user experience.

Symmetry GUEST easily integrates with Symmetry™ CONNECT, Symmetry™ Access Control and Symmetry™ CompleteView Video Management System to deliver a complete security solution.

Visit our Symmetry GUEST website at to learn more or contact AMAG Technology’s global sales and engineering team.