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Insight 5.0 offers reporting opportunities singular only to G4S clients. Data is aggregated so you can review events, incident reports, guard tours and labor schedules along with live data feeds from SecureTrax. 


Integrated Security Solutions - Assess. Equip. Integrate. Staff.

Integrated Security Solutions

Today, security risks are on the rise. Being prepared for these risks requires a comprehensive approach to your organization’s security plan and execution.
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Products & Services

Access unparalleled security industry knowledge, backed by customized business models and global resources.

Our Solutions

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Risk Consulting Brochure

G4S risk consulting services enable your organization to secure assets, deliver essential services and optimize profits.
Software & Technology

Software & Technology

G4S equips customers with software and technology to provide unique solutions to meet their ever-changing needs.
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AMAG Technology

The Symmetry™ Security Management System provides leading technology solutions for electronic security systems.
Compliance & Investigations

Compliance & Investigations

Understanding business risk is a top priority. G4S Compliance & Investigations provides expert advice at every stage.

Software & Technology

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Incident & Case Management Software

RISK360® mitigates risk, reduces the potential for loss and positively impacts your bottom line.
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Cash Automation

CASH360® combines currency recycling technology with global cash cycle software to improve cash handling and reduce costs.

Risk Consulting

New CMS Emergency Preparedness

New CMS Emergency Preparedness

Any facility contracting with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) must comply with all the Final Rule for Emergency Preparedness requirements by Nov. 15, 2017. 
Intelligence Risk Services

Intelligence Risk Services

The G4S Global Risk Intelligence Center performs analysis that focuses on identifying threats and recommending effective countermeasures.
Active Shooter/Workplace Violence

Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Brochure

G4S' proactive risk mitigation strategies can position you to better protect employees, customers, students and others.
Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

G4S' comprehensive background screening services help organizations protect their brand, enhance workforce quality and reduce risk.

Systems Integration: Centers of Excellence

Center of Excellence: Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

The G4S Center of Excellence for Critical Infrastructure Protection provides the highest standards of consulting, design, engineering, technology and integration to protection systems for G4S clients.
Center of Excellence: Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

The G4S Center of Excellence for Engineering is a team of security and communications professionals providing leadership, research and support for operations nationwide.
Center of Excellence: Global Risk Intelligence Center

Global Risk Intelligence Center

To help you adapt to the evolving risk landscape, the G4S Global Risk Intelligence Center delivers access to comprehensive intelligence, ensuring near real-time awareness.
Center of Excellence: Managed Services

Managed Services

The G4S Center of Excellence for Managed Services has advanced technology and superior infrastructure for state of the art security monitoring services.
Center of Excellence: Technology


The G4S Center of Excellence for Technology provides the highest standards of achievement in design, engineering, technology and integration to enterprise electronic security systems for G4S clients.