Coronavirus Update

Information and actions for G4S Secure Solutions (USA) employees regarding COVID-19.

June 5th, 2020


It is with deep sadness that I report the passing from COVID-19 of Eddie Whitney, 36, from our Chicago office. Eddie worked as a security officer, and is survived by three sisters, a brother and his mother. Eddie’s sister remembers him as a sweet and kind-hearted man who loved people, and stated that is why he chose to work in the security field. He liked to play PlayStation, basketball and work. Please keep Eddie and his family, as well as the seven other team members we have lost to this terrible virus, in your thoughts and prayers as we mourn their loss.

Recent Social Unrest

When I think of our company, the words “perseverance in the face of adversity” come to mind. Just a short time ago we were faced with the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic and now a wave of social unrest is causing heightened risk across the United States for our people and our clients. With these latest occurrences, we see our teams rise to the challenge once again.

The role our teams play is critical to maintaining the safety of communities throughout the country as they protect client sites in some of the most affected areas. I continue to hear from customers who are highly appreciative of the tireless work of our employees as they protect clients’ people, property and assets. Our teams are responding effectively, professionally and — most importantly — with respect to those involved. The leadership team is working to ensure the safety of our staff and keep them out of situations that could put them in harm's way.

We are a diverse organization with people of many backgrounds and perspectives. I ask that now, in particular, we continue to work together, empathize and support each other by reaching out especially to our African American colleagues who might need to hear a kind word of understanding to know we stand in solidarity. We stand with the African American community in support of the efforts to raise awareness about these injustices and make clear that racism is not tolerated at G4S. Living our values and treating each other with dignity and respect will continue to be the way to bring about positive and lasting change to our communities. My thoughts are with the families impacted by recent events and the resulting violence affecting so many cities, towns, families and individuals.

Support Resources

Stress during times like these can weigh on us. I encourage you to use the resources available for your health and well-being. Please remember, the G4S Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all our employees. Aetna frequently posts updates and provides videos, including counseling for anxiety. Please use this resource to support you and your family:

Phone: 866-486-4334

Username: G4S

Password: eap4u

RSS employees should reach out to their EAP provider, E-max at 800-227-3429.

We are Looking for Good People

As I mentioned earlier, our customers have recognized that we have stepped up to challenges presented by the pandemic and have expressed their appreciation for our commitment to their security. This has resulted in our customers retaining and even expanding some of our contracts.

In response, our recruitment team has launched a campaign to hire more than 15,000 team members across the country. If you know of anyone that is looking for work and matches the requirements for any of our open positions, please encourage them to apply through the G4S career site or text "JOBS" to 561-660-9797 from a mobile phone.

Special thanks to the HR teams in the field and at our Jupiter headquarters for their ingenuity and ability to onboard, train and deploy new personnel to the field through new, virtual technologies. Despite the challenges of working remotely we have been able to meet the demand for our customers and offer jobs to those in search of employment during an economic downturn.

Share Hero Stories

Our G4S Heroes are doing amazing work supporting their communities, and we want to hear about it from you. Please continue to share the stories of the great work our teams deliver here, so we can share them across the organization.

I continue to admire and appreciate all of the G4S employees who make up our organization, particularly in these challenging times. Whether you wear a uniform, work at a scheduling center, are a recruiter, a market leader or provide administrative support, I am grateful for what you do. Thank you for your continued efforts to protect our customers, yourselves and loved ones from the coronavirus. For those of you living in areas touched by civil unrest, please remain safe.

Sincerely, and with a virtual elbow bump,


Drew Levine
G4S Secure Solutions (USA)