Coronavirus Update

Information and actions for G4S Secure Solutions (USA) employees regarding COVID-19

May 15, 2020


By now I am sure each of you either know someone or have a family member who may have caught this terrible virus. If so, I hope they recover, and in the event you have someone close who has lost their life to this virus, our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and friends.

On a brighter note, we have had a tremendous positive response from our customer base thanks to your efforts and great work! It’s one thing to receive accolades during our typical operations but to have this level of positivity from our customer during a pandemic is just another testament to you and our teams. I will continue to say thank you for work that is nothing short of amazing!

As many states, cities and businesses across the country begin to reopen I would like to encourage you to individually support our efforts and continue to take the necessary precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19. Please pay attention to the guidance to use face coverings, maintain safe social distance from others, wash your hands as often as possible, avoid those who may have any symptoms of illness and isolate yourself if you are sick to help keep our teams, customers and our communities healthy. The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority and will guide our actions during this next phase of COVID-19. 

Protective Protective Equipment (PPE) Update:
The procurement team recently worked with Hub offices to purchase and ship the necessary quantities of PPE including face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. Hub offices have distributed these supplies to branch offices. Moving forward, additional shipments of supplies will be made directly to branch offices to provide faster deliveries. The procurement team undertakes important checks to ensure that G4S purchases from authorized sources and that the product specifications meet the latest safety guidelines. Please do not source any items without first consulting the procurement team. Continue to reach out to the Directors of Operational Excellence if you require additional PPE:

Healthcare teams should be provided PPE by customers, with the exception of transportation contracts, which should place PPE orders through Andrew H. Cline,

Coronavirus Intelligence Update
To help keep you and our clients informed about the COVID-19 situation, the G4S Corporate Risk Services team produces a weekly Coronavirus Intelligence Update that includes analysis of the current situation, global statistics, government measures, virus facts, business risks and recommendations. The Americas region has an overall estimated population of about 936 million and currently confirmed cases are increasing with the United States having the highest number of reported infections (1,329,799) followed by Brazil (163,427), Canada (70,091), Peru (67,307), Mexico (35,022), Ecuador (29,559) and Chile (28,866). You can read and share this week’s report here and also share it on LinkedIn here.

Educational Resources for Parents
For parents who may be in need of additional resources for their children while they are learning from home, our team has produced some new resources for you this week:

Family Activities & Virtual Summer Camps:
Family Dinner Project: As families everywhere find themselves following stay-at-home advice to help slow the coronavirus pandemic, the need for fresh activity ideas grows. Find activities to do as a family, conversation starters and recipes all in one spot. Also available in Spanish.
Virtual Summer Camps: Need something to keep your K-12 kids busy this summer? Help them make the most of their break with free, interactive camps taught by expert instructors from Varsity Tutors. Each camp consists of five sessions, starting on Monday and ending on Friday. 

Learning Tools: 
International Children’s Digital Library: A nonprofit organization that provides access to children’s eBooks from all over the world. Books are intended for children ages 3 to 13 and the site offers over 4,600 titles in 80 languages. By creating a free account, users have the ability to save  favorite books and set personal preferences. Page-by-page click through functionality easily allows children and parents to read an unlimited number of books.  
Read Theory - A powerful educational tool that offers online reading comprehension activities for K-12 levels. The custom web application adapts to students’ individual ability levels and presents them with thousands of skill building exercises that suit their needs.

Virtual Field Trips:
National Aquarium: Pay a visit to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. View live Web cameras of sharks, jellyfish and coral reefs here. Experience aquarium fun with activities such as printable word searches and coloring activities, or try one of 10 simple science experiments and projects like making kites from recycled materials with step-by-step instructions. 
Museum of Modern Art: One world’s most renown museums provides online fun and learning for kids ages six and over with drawing, collage, audio, and movement activities inspired by artworks in the MoMA’s collection. In an attempt to bring the Museum to people at home, the site compiled drawing, writing, audio, and search-and-find activities children can enjoy independently or assisted by a parent. 

Thank you all for your continued perseverance and dedication during these difficult times. Please continue to share the stories of the great work our teams deliver during COVID-19 here. Your drive and dedication set an example and are an inspiration to the entire company as we solve the challenges of COVID-19 together. 

Sincerely, and with a virtual elbow bump,

Drew Levine
G4S Secure Solutions (USA)