Hidden Risks

Find the four hidden risks

Can you find the hidden risks?

G4S helps you find them quickly. We partner with you and your team to create tailor-made security solutions for your business.

We know what’s lurking out there. That’s why we use our Risk-Based Approach and focus on people, process & technology to create the best connected programs to mitigate any current or potential risk. 

Our Solutions


High Temperature

Our security personnel are trained in verbal screening and in the use of temperature measurement devices. We will help develop a fully documented screening process. 

Not Social Distancing

Organizations that document their physical distancing procedures and provide data to support their efforts are better protected against potential liability claims. 

Not Wearing a Mask

G4S helps provide discrete, effective measures for calculating the number of people wearing masks in your facility. Helping you manage PPE compliance. 

Shaking Hands

G4S can help manage the contact tracing and notification process. We can advise you on the appropriate steps to ensure you are in compliance with health guidance.