Data Innovation

In this webinar, Joe Young, Senior Vice President of Innovation for G4S, and Jonathan Moore, Product Director for AMAG Technology, will discuss innovative ways to leverage physical security data across an organization.

Physical security systems do more than prevent unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources. They can improve operational process. For example, the real estate and facilities management department can leverage the data from access control and video surveillance systems to measure foot traffic in the facility, by location, by time of day.  That data can be influential to building utilization models. In a retail environment, the data derived from an intelligent video system can help the marketing department understand customer dwell time and product display effectiveness. Physical security systems can help with health, safety and environmental management. Access control systems can provide real-time detection of people entering or leaving the premises - critical information in any emergency.

Joe Young


Senior Vice President of Innovation at G4S overseeing new strategies, business and technologies. With 13+ years of experience, Joe has designed complex IP solutions that have helped to craft the future vision around unified solutions in the security industry.