Latest Webinar

A webinar with a risk expert, a cyber consultant and a member of the FBI where they discuss the cyber and physical threats associated with remote/home workers. 


Webinar COVID-19


Be part of a discussion on how companies are continuing to secure their properties, people, and assets amid COVID-19. Here is your chance to ask the experts in the industry your most pressing questions.
Webinar Security Operations Centers

The Evolution of the SOC and Positive ROI

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) have evolved over the past decade into valuable core competencies for most fortune 500 companies. Requirements to operate a SOC are far more reaching than just monitoring physical security equipment. 
21st Century Insider Risk

21st Century Insider Risk

Insider threats come in many forms, including intellectual property theft, fraud sabotage and workplace violence, but they all share one thing in common — they are an existential threat to any organization. This webinar will review and identify key insider potential risk indicators, discuss trends, share use cases and identify mitigation strategies and the essential elements of a comprehensive insider-risk strategy.
Webinar Leveraging Data

Data Innovation

In this webinar, Joe Young, Senior Vice President of Innovation for G4S, and Jonathan Moore, Product Director for AMAG Technology, will discuss innovative ways to leverage physical security data across an organization.
Active Threat Webinar

Active Threat: A Global Perspective Webinar

Active threat incidents are escalating globally and create an immediate danger to corporate personnel in their proximity. This webinar will covers the active threat spectrum from vehicle ramming to weapon (knife/gun) attacks and share proven mitigation strategies. Learn about workplace violence identification and mitigation strategies as well as Active Threat scenarios that can be integrated into corporate protective/awareness strategies.
Webinar Business Travel


With global business travel experiencing rapid growth, organizations are increasingly challenged to monitor their travelers and to fully understand the ever-changing risk environments around the world. Most businesses are unaware of the level of advisement and protection they need when traveling internationally. This webinar covers regional risks and indicators, such as kidnapping, business espionage and general criminal activity as well as legal, regulatory, transportation and medical risks. Participants will also learn risk-mitigation strategies and best practices, and will hear select use cases.
Event Security

Event Security: Tips, Tactics and Free Government Resources

In today’s constantly evolving risk landscape, securing special events has never been more challenging and complex. During this webinar, security professionals will learn about free government security resources, the essentials of event security management planning and incident and risk mitigation strategies. 


You should have a good general knowledge of your security program and be able to rate the effectiveness of its components. Complete the risk survey, and receive an analysis of the highest rated security risks your organization faces. Your responses are compared against industry standards and generally accepted practices of security risk assessment.

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