The Limitless Creative Applications for Security

In this episode Billy Langenstein, Director of Security Services and Investigations for the National Football League joins the team to talk about how the security team can generate data valuable to other departments and help support the goals of an organization, breaking the stereotype that a security department is a cost-center.

EPISODE 6 | October 28, 2020


Security departments often struggle with a perception problem. When the security team does its job well, it may appear they are not doing anything at all because no major incidents occur and nothing was broken or stolen. They’re sometimes viewed as cost-centers that impose barriers and add little value to a business. This isn’t true. With the right infrastructure, a security department can harness data they’re responsible for and provide value to other parts of an organization. The creative application of this data is almost limitless.

In this episode the team talk to Billy Langenstein about his journey in the security industry and his views on how security departments can work with other areas of an organization to deliver superior guest or customer experiences. Data collection and management is a strong theme throughout this episode but the discussion also borders on teamwork and the importance of communication. Billy talks about his time developing a security culture at U.S. Bank Stadium and generating buy-in from stakeholders across the operation. Joe, Landon and Douglas ask Billy about his thoughts about how security departments can get a seat at the planning table and the ways we can change the perception of  security.

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