The Definition of Security Madness

In this episode the UK team discuss evolving risk profiles, risk assessments and the future of security planning.

The Secure or Not team has expanded, welcoming Simon Martindill and Noah Pentz from the United Kingdom to contribute their thoughts and perspectives to the Secure or Not podcast network. Look out for "[UK]" in the title of episodes to listen to Simon and Noah as they welcome guests from across the UK, while still maintaining a global outlook on trends and topics affecting our industry. Joe and the rest of the team will still be producing the same content you have come to enjoy in partnership with their new colleagues.

In this episode the UK panel debate why the evolving risk profile caused by the new normal means that organisations should reconsider the make up of their security operation. The team discuss how a new risk assessment will identify new challenges and shape security provision moving forwards.
Thank you to Noah Price - Head of G4S Academy UK&I, Alistair Mcbride -  G4S Key Account Director, Frank Cannon – Site Security Manager for a Critical National Infrastructure Project and Rachelle Loyear VP Integrated Security Solutions for their contributions and generating a lively discussion.