Our executive team

Eng. Amal Abdulghaffar

Eng. Amal Abdulghaffar, MD

Rejoined almajal G4S as MD:  Aug 2016

Key strengths and experience:
Eng. Amal Abdulghaffar with more than 30 years of experience is the Managing Director of almajal group, which includes almajal Service Master G4S, almajal Security Services, and almajal G4S Systems and Safety, which are leading private sector in facility management & security services. Prior to joining almajal group Eng. Amal held the position of Executive GM in Alamoudi Group, and previous to his work in Alamoudi Group Eng. Amal progressed gradually in engineering and management positions in oil and gas fields in Petromin (Yanbu Industrial City) and SAMAREC (Saudi Arabian Marketing and Refining Company), and started the executive phase of his career with the position of VP Projects in Saudi Cables Company.

Eng. Amal holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering and a MBA along with many conferences and workshops worldwide.

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Wael Aref

Wael Aref, CFO

Wail Aref  joined amajal G4S in September 2013, and his current position is CFO.

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Zuhair Almagrapi

Zuhair Almaghrabi, Chief HR Officer Almajal Group

Zuhair Almaghrabi joined amajal G4S  in August 2018 as Chief HR Officer Almajal Group

Key strengths and experience:

Over 20 years experience in the fields of Human Capital Management & Development in different industries (Service, Sales & Distribution, Manufacturing, and ICT) both in Saudi Arabia and Regionally.

Serves as a key business partner to the executive management team, while providing leadership and expertise for the full scope of HR functions to ensure all HR services, systems, policies and procedures are designed and implemented effectively and in compliance with regulations while aligned with corporate goals.

Practical experience is further enhanced by a Master Degree in Human Development from the George Washington University, and an MBA from King Abdul-Aziz University.

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Ossama Ibrahim, Joined almajal G4S June 2019 as Chief commercial Officer    

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Ahmad  Said

Ahmad Said, Electronic Security Systems Division Director

Ahmad Said  joined amajal G4S in June 2013, and his current position is Electronic security systems division director

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