Appreciation Letter from Metro Jeddah Company

Appreciation Letter for almajal ServiceMaster HouseKeeping Division

Appreciation Letter for Al Majal ServiceMaster House Keeping Division from Metro Jeddah Company


Would like to express our indebted appreciation and satisfaction to the outstanding quality service rendered by the Al Majal Company to MJC throughout the period of contract and this was achieved through mutual cooperation and coordination. 

Moreover, this could not be accomplished without the hard work of the ground workforce specially their supervisor which we believed deserved our sincere commendation no other than Mr. Jaynul Abedin, cleaning and tea boy's crew supervisor. 

Mr. Jaynul Abedin, deserved award for his dedication and hard work that meet MJC satisfaction with Al Majal services hence, we highly recommend to merit his excellent performance. 

Sincerely yours,

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