About Us

We, at G4S, are always on duty. We work continuously all over the world in order to mitigate the risks and protect the property. With us, you are ready for everything that day may bring.

G4S is the world's leading security company. 

In Serbia, we use our international experience to offer our customers the best security solutions.

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Securing Your World


Human Resources. Innovation. Technology.

From risk assessment to providing service excellence, we work with the state institutions, smaller companies and large organizations to provide integrated security solutions and respond to all the challenges in the security industry.

With a rich experience of over one century and a team of people who make up over 570.000 employees worldwide, we represent the second largest private employer in the world.

Our clients include banks and corporations, industrial companies, as well as retail chains, public institutions and private persons. Our clients entrust our safety and security to their property.


The G4S Academy was created with a clear vision of combining Customer Intimacy with Operational Excellence. With our internal experience and security expertise, we can make what we do today better and create industry-leading solutions.