Virtual Guard (video monitoring)

G4S provides comprehensive intrusion, fire and life safety system monitoring services

We provide first-class network connectivity 24 hours a day, seven days a week and deliver a wide range of video monitoring and operations services and capabilities, including:

  • Interactive Monitoring: Real-time protection of critical assets and people with advanced tools such as video analytics and voice over IP to extend the capability of your video surveillance system. Services can be coupled with your other security systems such as intrusion detection, fire alarm systems, access control systems, and panic buttons.
  • Video Verification: A combination of network cameras with motion detectors  record and transmit live time to our monitoring center when triggered. This lower-cost alternative reduces the need for high-bandwidth internet connections and often more costly streaming camera installations.
  • Virtual Visitor management: G4S operators use cameras and audio to remotely verify the identity of and admit authorized people though doors, gates or other entry portals. We can also facilitate and monitor the deliveries after hours or at unattended entry points.
  • Virtual Tour/Patrol: G4S monitoring center operators remotely patrol your facility by viewing cameras in a sequence. Patrols can be scheduled or done "on-demand."

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