Safeguards G4S Academy

Safeguards G4S Academy aims to provide practical training and knowledge for our security personnel in achieving a professional level of competency.

Safeguards G4S Academy aims to provide job-related learning, skills training and knowledge to our employees to help them achieve a professional level of competency.

The Academy is supported by a team of eight experienced in-house trainers comprising former personnel of the Malaysian Police Force, Armed Forces and the security industry.

Our training programmes focus on supporting our manned security and cash solutions businesses. They are designed in accordance with our commitments to our clients, G4S internal policies and local regulations. 
To complement our value proposition of providing end to end ATM/CDM solution services to retail and financial sectors, our personnel undergo a comprehensive programme on Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and Cash Deposit Machines (CDM).

We also develop training and qualification programmes for the career development of our employees, from managerial to support staff and zone/team leaders. Qualification programmes like the Supervisory Development Program and Cashiers Qualification Program are targeted at employees with the aim of enhancing their skill sets.

Safeguards G4S Academy is accredited by the Human Resources Ministry of Malaysia. This is a validation of the high quality of our programs, processes, and procedures. We believe this commitment to excellence will continue to provide our personnel with the best training available.

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