Electronic Security Solutions

We have a strong technical and solutions team with nationwide coverage and support to meet your electronic security needs.

Systems integration

G4S brings your systems together. We design, build and maintain stand-alone and integrated security systems. A trusted partner to customers and suppliers, G4S takes great pride in delivering outstanding expertise and superior service.

We have the ability to provide full turnkey services: taking a customer’s requirements, developing the concept, designing the network, selecting the product that best fits the requirements, and completing the installation

Alarm Monitoring

We know there is no higher customer priority than protecting their properties and loved ones at home. We design and customize retail security solutions to protect against potential intrusion, burglary or fire. We work closely with customer to design, install and maintain monitoring solutions to suit the retail needs. With 24/7 central monitoring system, we are there round the clock for your safety, security and support.

Video Surveillance

Our solutions help you put the right cameras in the right places, with the ability to monitor, record and manage your video operations. These integrated solutions offer flexible management, including the ability to view the activity on your cameras from any web-enabled smart phone or tablet.

Access Control

Know who is in your facilities and when. Prevent unauthorized visitors from entering your facilities, and restrict access to sensitive areas of your operations. They allow you to keep data on who enters your facility, at what time of the day or night, and the duration of each visitor’s stay.

Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems help prevent retail theft. Although these type of solutions should put off shoplifters, it is important to retailers that they do not pose an obstruction to customers. Safeguard G4S provides a wide range of EAS solutions that offer a positive shopping experience and maximum product

People Count Visitor Traffic

G4S brings to you People Count Visitor Traffic Systems and people counting technologies. The products are suitable in a wide range of markets and industries. People Count Products are fully integrated systems, easy-to-use, yet provide extensive functionality and flexibility.

Other Solutions

  • ICT services
  • Electronic Safety and Security (Intrusion Detection, Fire Detection & Alarm, Voice Alarm, Watchman Tour Systems, etc.) Systems
  • Notification & Entertainment (Public Address System, Display, TV (IP-TV, SMATV) Systems
  • Building Monitoring/Management/ Automation Systems (BMS & BAS), environmental conditioning systems (HVAC), and internal and external lighting

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