who we are

Safeguards G4S is a leading provider of cash and security services in Malaysia.
branches nationwide-  extensive coverage, represented in all states
employees - employing the best people, inspiring them to live our values
years of local knowledge,  supported by our global operations and expertise

what we do


Cash Solutions

Safeguards G4S manages cash primarily for financial institutions and retailers.
Manned Security

Manned Security Services

We aim to use our expertise, service delivery and integration together with our geographic coverage to differentiate our business to customers across Malaysia.
Security System

Electronic Security Solutions

We have a strong technical and solutions team with nationwide coverage and support to meet your electronic security needs.

Safeguards G4S Academy

Safeguards G4S Academy aims to provide practical training and knowledge for our security personnel in achieving a professional level of competency.

Careers at G4S

Safeguards G4S is the leading provider of total security solutions in Malaysia. We’re the world’s leading name in security solutions, and one of the world’s largest employers. If you would like to be part of the G4S team, please contact us: