Supporting the community

G4S really gets involved in the communities in which it operates and we actively encourage employees to do the same.

Our community investment principles are:

  • Offer employment opportunities within the local communities in which we operate
  • Help build safer communities by engaging with young people, primarily through sport and constructive activities, to help them lead purposeful lives
  • Provide assistance to a range of charitable causes and community initiatives
  • Support employee volunteering and engagement with community activities

Our people show enormous energy and commitment in investing their time, effort and skills in supporting great causes from charity bike rides, sponsored marathon runs, hill treks or abseiling. Our Sponsorship Matching programme aims to help them and the projects they support by offering to match funds of up to £500 raised by them for good causes, related to the principles laid down in our CSR Policy, in the communities in which they live and work. Each year we match 

Responsibility for this aspect of our CSR programme sits with:

  • Corporate Affairs Director, Secure Solutions (UK & Ireland)
  • Chair, CSR Steering Committee, Cash Services (UK)

Our carbon footprint

Through operational year on year growth we expect that our direct carbon emissions will grow proportionately, we established a G4S average carbon intensity of 93 tonnes of CO2e per £1m of revenue at 2009 exchange rates. At the same exchange rates our carbon intensity for 2008 was 89 tonnes of CO2e per £1m of revenue.

In certain regions, particularly the Middle East, G4S employs a significant proportion of expatriate employees. Due to the operational nature of those contracts, G4S provides 24/7 care including accommodation and transport. We have therefore included the full carbon footprint of their employment and have calculated an average group measurement across the group of 1 tonne of CO2e per employee.

Since 2008, our total reported emissions have increased by 5% per £1m of revenue, in part through the inclusion of additional countries and new high carbon intensity operations such as G4S Care & Justice Services, G4S Risk Management and G4S Integrated Services UK. We have also used the lessons learned from our 2008 carbon footprint measurement to make improvements locally to our energy reporting processes.

Carbon footprint: Approach and coverage (2009)

Building on the progress we made in 2008 and using WBCSD+ and WRIGHG+ protocols, we have undertaken a measurement of our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions - vehicle fleet, fuel, refrigerants, and electricity usage for G4S occupied businesses over which we have operational control. In addition, we have measured Scope 3 emissions from employee business air travel.

The businesses measured in our 2009 carbon footprint represent 94% of the group's operations. We believe that the data collected and analysed for such a significant proportion of the group's operations, including each of our different service types, allows us to accurately estimate the carbon emissions for 100% of the group's businesses.

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