Homeland Security

Securing international borders and efficiently managing the flow of legitimate visitors.

Effective border protection is central to homeland security policy for governments around the world and is an increasingly important issue for citizens concerned about potential security risks posed by visitors without a legal right to stay or who may intend to cause harm.

At G4S we understand the bigger picture and the challenges of keeping borders secure.  We draw on our expertise in risk consultancy, technology, project management and logistics plus our international experience of working alongside immigration and border agencies to deliver effective border control services.

By seeing the wider challenges of border protection, G4S assists governments in maintaining and building trust in the security of international borders, reducing operating costs and building stronger reputations by improving the experience of the visitors we serve.

Recognise that secure and beneficial solutions come from understanding the challenges of protecting international borders and the interdependence of the parts.  Let us help you see the opportunities that exist in the challenge of securing your world.