Supporting the successful deployment and engagement of armed forces at home and abroad.

As world events continue to remind us, the world’s armed forces face serious and ever-present security risks both at home and abroad.

By seeing the challenge of defending nations more broadly, G4S works with governments directly supporting their international operations.  We have the insight that comes from working in widely different cultural and physical environments worldwide and the know-how in logistics, end-to-end project management and security technologies to provide solutions.

For our defence sector clients, that means better protection of their key assets – including people, facilities and reputations – alongside cost savings and improved performance. Ultimately, it means that governments can rely on security solutions that create tangible benefits and support their defence objectives in both the short and long terms.

Recognise that secure and beneficial solutions come from understanding the challenges of defending nations and populations and the interdependence of parts. Let us help you to see the opportunities that exist in the challenge of securing your world.