Security and Safety Officers

G4S Security and Safety Officers (SASOs) are specially trained to recognise and reduce risk

How can SASO help you?

They will work with you to understand your unique environment and requirements, providing an effective response when the need arises. From first contact you want to make sure that all site visitors and employees enter a safe environment. And that’s just what our enhanced guarding service, SASO, delivers.

Protection – Our SASOs perform two vital roles for you – security and health and safety. They’re able to recognise potential risks and any possible hazards to your site and operation, and deal with them effectively to minimise impact.

Training – Each SASO undergoes thorough training to ensure they are able to recognise and reduce risk effectively. Their training includes advanced first aid, enhanced physical interventions, crowd incident response, additional emergency aid, fire safety, environmental awareness, physical search procedures, and noise awareness.

Flexibility – SASOs can be trained with additional capabilities to create the optimum security and health and safety solution for your specific site/s and industry.

Visibility – Uniformed SASOs reassure employees and promote a safety-conscious culture.

When your sites are protected by SASO, you can be confident that your visitors and employees are safe and secure and that your operations can continue smoothly with fewer costly interruptions caused by preventable incidents.

Is SASO right for you?

SASOs play an important role on COMAH sites around the UK. But it’s not just hazardous industries that benefit from the enhanced protection our service offers. Our SASOs are also trained to carry out essential site and industry specific health and safety tasks across many business sectors, including Manufacturing, Chemical, Private Energy and Utilities, Oil and Gas and Petrochemical.

If health and safety is a focus on any of your sites or operations, SASO can help you to secure the environment and assist in the prevention of safety-related incidents.


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