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At G4S we provide enhanced security as standard, with our proof of presence system we can provide complete visibility of our guards

G4S security officers now come equipped with SecureTrax®;as standard. Combining innovation and quality guarding, we empower our customers with fully transparent and technology-led armament, ensuring maximum visibility of their security and safety provision.

Designed to provide total visibility, this integrated management system provides accurate, retrievable security intelligence across any number of sites.

Benefits to you

  • Enhanced, fully transparent, security guarding
  • Integrated solution on a secure web platform
  • Data available in real-time 
  • Detailed, audit-able data trail 
  • Cost-effective, time saving with little risk of human error
  • Empowers your team with rich management information

All businesses are under increasing pressure to improve safety and security, whilst reducing costs. 

SecureTrax® is an innovative business solution that delivers improved safety and security, saves time and reduces costs.

SecureTrax®is based on a simple price structure and will be a minimal “pence per hour” addition to your normal pricing base.


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