RISK360 is an industry leading incident case management software tool aimed at mitigating risk and increasing site security

Tailored to meet your specific requirements with dedicated support through it’s life-time, RISK360TM allows you to identify and mitigate risks, leading to reduced threats and increased site security.

Designed to provide a complete overview of all on-site incidents, RISK360TM gives you the reassurance that all incidents will be captured, investigated and analysed to ensure continuous improvement, thus mitigating risk and re-occurrence. 

The RISK360TM solution - Identify and mitigate risks 

RISK360TM from G4S is an industry leading, web based risk management software package which allow you to easily log and track incidents and manage cases to increase your security on site and mitigate risks. The solution allows users to log-on to a wide range of incidents that have occurred on site and enables you to track and report on those incidents. Incidents can be categorised by type, time, date and location and each can be assigned to a case worker who can then be tasked with investigating the incident through to resolution. 

So how can RISK360TM help you? 

RISK360TM complete overview of on-site incidents 

RISK360TM enables you to identify where you are exposed to threats and reoccurring incidents

RISK360TM empowers its users to make the working environment a better place to be, each able to record incidents that may otherwise go unnoticed

RISK360TM enables managers to compare multi site activity and establish company-wide benchmarks of security, behaviours and deployed solutions

RISK360TM will monitor success of deployed / implemented deterrents and solutions

RISK360TM can be used by both employee and G4S staff & allowing for a wider network of threat identification and management

RISK360TM is a cloud based solution, therefore requires no capital outlay and can be scaled to the demand / volume of usage by the customer


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