G4S - Mobile patrols

We provide patrols of your sites at specified intervals during the day and/or night

The checks carried out by our patrol teams help to reduce the risk of theft and protect your property against damage. If an intrusion is detected, our mobile patrol teams can contain the situation, notify a pre-determined contact and contact emergency services.

Our mobile patrols provide:

  • Dedicated team - will dispatch a team to investigate alarm activations
  • Improved communication - maintain regular contact with one of 40 service centres nationwide via GPS tracking
  • Transparency - log their activity using our proof of duty software which feeds into management reports, to ensure transparency is maintained
  • Flexibility - scheduled or random patrols of the client’s place of business
  • Wide coverage - patrols can cover multiple sites with each patrol, enabling fewer security officers required
  • Cost saving - provides security presence without having to hire a full-time manned guarding

We have security officers throughout the UK ready to respond in the event of an alarm or remotely monitored CCTV activation.


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