alarm response

Our officers are on call to respond to any alarm or CCTV activations, which they can then escalate if there are any issues 

We can remove the risk to your employees by opening and closing the premises on your behalf. Tracked via our control centre, our branded vehicles are equipped with a secure and auditable system to store your keys safely until they are needed.

G4S officers use vehicles equipped with:

  • GPS tracking systems - ensure your keys are monitored with our vehicles 24/7 
  • Encryption devices -  officers only know the identity of the keys once the details have been received by the monitoring centre.
  • Highly professional staff - trained to levels above industry standard
  • EDA & software -  enables increased communication with the control centre, the customer and emergency services

We are proud of the calibre of our mobile response officers, who are thoroughly vetted and trained in security and first aid. It takes initiative, integrity and fortitude to excel in this role and to live up to the trust our customers place in us. Our teams have the experience and capability to handle the most volatile and sensitive situations.

As part of the service:

  • End of day - ensure all lights, computer monitors, taps and other equipment are turned off at the end of the day
  • Remote locking - Provide remote lock and unlock services from our control centre to secure your buildings at a set time each day
  • Real-time communication - Link to control centre technology which enables extra safeguards when locking/unlocking in emergency situations
  • Flexible - Change times of unlock/lock at short notice
  • Health and Safety - We can ensure your staff safety by going to potential dangerous situations so they don't have to 


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