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G4S Events has more specialist services than any other company in the world for one reason. We are part of something bigger

The benefit of this is how G4S supports the events industry by providing the latest in technology, strategies and solutions, aimed at making your site and event as safe and successful due to minimising any risks along the way.

We have teams based around the world and can support your event globally.

Our UK lead consultancy can ensure your event stands up to the best practices and safety policies no matter where you are, whilst utilising our UK industry specialists.

We already support motorsport, music and concerts over many continents.

Worldwide  Events           

  • Global events consultancy
  • UK lead legislation advise
  • Local language barrier
  • Locally sourced staff
  • Access to global G4S teams
  • Access to global G4S technology and services
  • Armed staff requirements  

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