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All handlers are employed by G4S, therefore you have the peace of mind they are SIA-licensed, vetted, assessed, trained and rewarded to our high standards. 

High quality training

The G4S training team have many years of operational deployment and training experience in the British Army and other institutions, complimented by industry recognised teaching qualifications and corporate experience. G4S use a number of diverse and live environments locally and nationwide to provide realistic training situations such as, populated venues, transport hubs and rough terrain. This accustoms the dog to the types of environments they will be entering into. 

General Use

  • Used as effective deterrent for  damage and theft risks
  • Create protection for employees working and commuting in high risk areas
  • Canine can be used with by trained Security Officer to a situation that may carry high personal risk
  • Pick up and detect trespassers and other harm before guard walks harm
  • Create added deterrents for protection
  • 60 hours guarded training minimum + top up training
  • New training enables the canine to be placid and only respond to attack on command


  • G4S trains and deploys narcotics detection dog / handler teams for:
  • The passive screening of people entering a location
  • Searching a site for drugs
  • Scrutiny of vehicles and cargo passing through checkpoints
  • Post and luggage areas
  • Searching of visitors and areas within UK prisons
  • 100 hours of training minimum + Level 3 HABC


  • Trained with real narcotics to enable superior detection to other units
  • On several occasions, G4S canine units have detected narcotics and contraband with street values of over £30,000 each …. while off duty!


  • G4S trains and deploys explosive detection dogs to:
  • Carry out a building or area search
  • Search vehicles entering a location
  • Cargo areas
  • Postal and luggage sites
  • Trained to detect specific explosive components with new risk detection scents added to their training as they arise
  • Able to pinpoint a scent to a specific area for ease with highly compact cargo areas 
  • 150 hours training minimum, Level 4 HABC
  • Trained with live explosives


  • The dogs G4S has supplied to war zones in explosive detection have enabled thousands of devises to be found.
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