Processing your cash

We don't just get your money to the bank. We get it straight into your account

What is cash processing?

Cash processing is part of the wider cash management process, which also includes cash collecting and transportation.

At G4S, we have dedicated cash centres that use cash recyclers to process our customers’ money from their business to their bank account. A cash recycler is a type of machine that counts, sorts and validates physical money, not only automating the cash handling process but ensuring a quicker cash processing time.  

When you combine cash processing with our cash collection service, there really is no more efficient way to get money from your business to your bank account.

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The benefits of processing cash

Outsourcing cash processing to a secure cash handler has so many advantages for you and your business. It can help you to: 

  • Receive credit quicker through our high-speed processing system
  • Reduce cash handling risks and costs
  • Decrease the amount of time spend counting cash
  • Save money through low processing and administration costs, lower bank charges and lower insurance premiums

When you choose to process cash with us, your money is in the right hands. Not only are we a member of the Note Circulation Scheme (NCS) – the regulatory framework set by the Bank of England – but our process is completely secure and properly managed. 

Who can use G4S cash processing?

Cash processing is perfect for businesses whose bank does not offer the service themselves. Through this service, we can process your cash ourselves and it will appear in your bank account the next working day.

It can also be included as part of the cash collection process, so it’s ideal for those who want an all-in-one solution to getting their money from their business to their bank account quickly and efficiently.

From small shops to large retailers, our cash processing services are available to all kinds of businesses across the country.

How does G4S cash processing work?

Processing cash with us couldn't be simpler:

“The  cash handling solution we receive from G4S are essential for our large events. From planning to processing the customer service we receive has been first class .”

Reece Miller, Director, FSTVL, event customer, big music festival

The money then gets credited to your bank account and the amount will appear in your account the next working day. 

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