Securing Our Communities

An important part of our work is to ensure we are making a positive contribution to the communities around us. Through its services and business organisation, G4S delivers a broad range of significant and far reaching social, economic and environmental impacts to the
communities in which we work.

Match-it! - Our employees raise it, we match it

Our Matched Funding programme aims to support our employees and the projects they are passionate about by offering to match funds up to a maximum of £500 in the communities in which our employees live and work. Each year we match thousands of pounds for local community projects. Our matched funding programme has been running for over 10 years and facilitating funding for initiatives dear to the hearts and minds of our employees.

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Debating matters beyond bars  

Debating Matters and 
G4S hosted a new
prison debating
initiative at HMP
Birmingham in the

Institute of ideas

"The project is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate that debate can flourish in unexpected places and that no idea should be beyond critical discussion or contest." Claire Fox, Director of the Institute of Ideas

Employee Turnover

Overall employee retention continues to improve with voluntary employee turnover reducing to 29.7% in 2019.
Security Guard

our communities

In 2019 the company made grants of over £173,000 from the Employee Trust Fund in cases where employees had experienced hardship following a serious injury, illness or natural disaster.
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