In more ways than you might realize, G4S is securing your world.

G4S has a heritage of more than 100 years.

Marius Hogrefe starts the guarding company Kjøbenhavn Frederiksberg Nattevagt in Denmark
Sophus Falck establishes Redningskorpset, an independent fire and rescue service
Redningskorpset establishes the first automobile ambulance in Scandinavia
Falck becomes a nationwide operator in Denmark
The Philip-Sørensen family establishes Securitas AB in Sweden
Night Watch Services (later Night Guards) starts up with four guards on bicycles
The Philip-Sørensen family businesses are consolidated as Securitas International
Night Guards becomes Securicor
Securicor become a nationwide operator in the UK and expands into Africa and Asia
Falck buys Zonen Redningskorps, an independent fire and rescue service in Denmark
Securicor launches the Data Transit Service, a fleet of vans moving customers’ confidential payroll and banking details from central locations to regional offices
Jørgen Philip-Sørensen is appointed managing director of his family’s UK businesses
The Philip-Sørensen group of companies becomes Group 4 (Total Security)
Securicor Group Limited and Security Services Limited are listed on the London Stock Exchange
Jørgen Philip-Sørensen takes responsibility for Group 4’s European activities, while his brother Sven Philip-Sørensen takes over Securitas AB in Sweden
Securicor Chairman Peter Smith is awarded the OBE for services to the security industry
Securicor and British Telecommunications plc form the Cellnet cellular network
Falck is acquired by Baltica, a Danish insurance company; Lars Nørby Johansen is appointed Managing Director
Group 4 provides security services to government and private organizations in Hungary. 
Securicor establishes its Custodial Services operations
Baltica sells 55% of its shares in Falck
Group 4 acquires businesses in Belgium and Turkey 
Group 4 begins managing the first privatized prison in the UK, at Wolds in Humberside
Falck acquires the security business of ISS Securitas, to become Falck Securitas
Group 4 acquires businesses in Austria and Canada
Securicor Custodial Services wins the contract to run the London Metropolitan Court Escort and Custody services
Group 4 establishes operations in the United Arab Emirates and the Ukraine
All activities in Spain are sold to Securitas AB
Falck is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange
Group 4 begins a joint venture with British Gas to provide meter-reading services in the UK, and establishes AccuRead
Falck acquires businesses in Sweden and Norway
Securicor becomes a single plc
Securicor enters the US corrections market
Securicor acquires the first Private Finance Initiative prison in the UK
Securicor forms a joint venture with Deutsche Post, the German post office
Falck acquires businesses in Germany, Poland and Estonia
Group 4 starts activities in Bangladesh
Falck acquires security businesses in the Netherlands and Lithuania
Securicor sells its stake in Cellnet to British Telecommunications plc
Group 4 and Falck merge to become Group 4 Falck 
Group 4 Falck acquires security businesses in Germany, Austria, Finland, the Czech Republic, Norway and Hungary
Securicor acquires businesses in Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia and the US
Group 4 Falck acquires businesses in France and South Africa
Group 4 Falck enters the US security market by acquiring The Wackenhut Corporation, the second largest security services company in the US
Nick Buckles becomes Chief Executive of Securicor
Securicor sells its distribution business to Deutsche Post 
Group 4 Falck sells its shares in Wackenhut Correction Corporation and Wackenhut Resources Inc. 
Group 4 Falck’s security business merges with Securicor to create Group 4 Securicor in July 2004, and begins trading on the London Stock Exchange
Group 4 Technology acquires a Danish intruder alarm business
Group 4 Securicor’s UK Justice Services business wins three electronic monitoring contracts in England and Wales
Group 4 Falck sells Global Solutions and lists its safety business (Falck A/S) on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange
Securicor Canada acquires Universal ATM Services 
Group 4 Securicor is officially launched in May 2005
Lars Nørby Johansen is succeeded as Chief Executive by Nick Buckles
The G4S brand identity is rolled out worldwide
Wackenhut Services, Inc. wins a key fire protection and emergency response contract with NASA
G4S wins Human Resources Excellence award for “Best Executive Development Programme”
G4S acquires a 50% share in a guarding, alarms and cash services business in Mozambique
Alf Duch-Pedersen succeeds Jorgen Philip-Sorensen, becoming Non Executive Chairman 
G4S announces sponsorship of Skandia Team GBR, backing Britain’s Olympic sailing bid in Beijing 2008 and London 2012
G4S enters the FTSE 100 index of leading companies on the London Stock Exchange 
G4S makes acquisitions in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Mozambique 
G4S begins providing electronic monitoring equipment and services in New Zealand 
G4S 4teen, an innovative global sports development programme, is launched
G4S acquires GSL, a leading provider of critical primary and support services and outsourced justice services
G4S is selected as a support contractor for the US Department of Energy 
G4S acquires Armorgroup, a leading provider of defensive and protective services to national governments and international peace and security agencies
G4S acquires RONCO Consulting Corporation, one of the world's premier humanitarian and commercial mine action, ordinance disposal and security companies
A landmark agreement reached with UNI, the global union federation, on an Ethical Employment Partnership, driving improvements in employment standards across the security industry
G4S acquires Secura Monde International Limited and Shiremoor International Engineering Limited, together, the UK’s leading specialist banknote and high security technical and commercial advisory companies
G4S acquires All Star International, one of the premier facilities management and base operations support companies providing services to the US Government
G4S acquires Adesta, US-based provider of integrated security systems and communication systems
G4S acquires Hill & Associates Consultants Limited, Asia’s leading provider of specialist risk mitigation consulting services
G4S appoints Clare Spottiswoode and Winnie Kin Wah Fok to the G4S Board as non-executive directors
G4S entered thriving Brazilian security market with acquisitions of Plantech and Instalarme
G4S acquired Skycom, a market leader in the African systems market
G4S appointed official security services provider for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
G4S awarded two prison contracts and three work programme regions in the UK. 

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