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G4S Temperature Screening Solutions

As a result of the global pandemic, Canadian businesses are looking to develop new processes for the safety and wellbeing of their employees and visitors. G4S Canada would value the opportunity to partner with you in creating a comprehensive program that considers how people, process and technology combine for effective results. Designing this comprehensive program doesn’t need to be complex. Our team of Trusted Advisors will ensure you have what you need today and help you navigate through the remainder of this journey. 

G4S People

Our security guards and security personnel help provide a sense of safety and a heightened customer experience for people entering your premises. Our people are trained in verbal screening as well as in the use of temperature measurement devices that can potentially identify temperatures outside of defined parameters. Our G4S security team will help to ensure that employees, customers and visitors entering your facility meet the requirements set for passing through the screening area as identified by local health regulations. 

G4s Process

Working collaboratively, G4S will develop a comprehensive security process with you and your internal security stakeholders to help bring together our highly trained security personnel. A fully documented, step-by-step process will help ensure a uniform approach to every screening interaction. 

G4S technology

Thermal technology is a vital tool in temperature screening, which may indicate the presence of a fever, a symptom of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 



An integrated approach to a temperature screening program takes people, process and technology into account. A comprehensive program can help you mitigate risk, meet required guidelines, pass people through screening efficiently and demonstrate commitment to the health and well-being of your employees and visitors.


G4S will work with you to personalize a temperature screening solution for your unique environment. 


G4S will design, build and manage a temperature solution using project management principles to meet agreed-upon, measurable criteria for success and in alignment with regulatory agency guidance. 


Although no thermal camera can detect or diagnose a virus, our technology can be used alongside other body temperature screening tools for detecting temperature outside of designated parameters in high-traffic, public places through quick, individual screening. 

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